the bright and the dull

I wanted to write about “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” as I was prompted to do, but I couldn’t think of what to say. I thought about dissecting its humor, and why it’s so distinct from other shows, but I figured that wouldn’t do it justice. And let me just say this – it’s a terrible show. It’s certainly a “guilty pleasure;” every episode is rife with moments that “push the limits” and make you cringe, and maybe that’s why it’s so strangely appealing. At any rate, that’s enough blabbering…I’ll just show a clip from “Gun Fever.”

I wish I were part of a gang.

Speaking of humor, on to things that aren’t so funny: “Tropic Thunder.” I thought the previews showed promise, and we all know Ben Stiller is incapable of making a bad movie, but it just didn’t deliver (at least not after the first few minutes). Robert Downey Jr. was merely all right, Jack Black was awful, and everyone else was forgettable. But here’s a spoiler for those who haven’t seen it: Tom Cruise. That’s all that can be said.

The same premise would have turned out so much better if Broken Lizard had been involved.

3 thoughts on “the bright and the dull

  1. I hate Seinfeld, and have never seen a full episode, so I can’t comment on that analogy. But it’s certainly true that the show is about nothing. In the first season they touched on gun control, abortion, racism, homosexuality, cancer, underage drinking, and molestation – and they managed to do it without taking a clear stance, just being asinine and hilarious the whole time. Quite impressive.

    I fixed the gross misspelling in Robert Downey Jr.’s name…thanks.

  2. OK I just finished watching “Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom” – I’d seen parts of it before but not the whole episode. Hilarious. Pure genius. Easily one of the best episodes.

    I’m still chuckling a little.

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