the proof of the apple is in the pie, there’s been a bit of research to substantiate what everyone has already known: Apple users are cocky SOBs. Well, perhaps that’s putting it a bit harshly. A survey conducted by Mindset Media of 7500 people at the recent MacWorld suckfest found that Mac users were “more liberal, less modest, and more assured of their own superiority than the population at large.” Apparently Mac users are also more emotional than most people, feeling both happiness and unhappiness more intensely.

I think most people suspected as much. The only reason I’ve ever felt compelled to buy a Mac was an innate longing for a piece of technology that has design as its sole selling point. It usually isn’t difficult for me to overcome this urge though, and I quickly realize that functional devices are a better investment than pretty ones. One day, when we all drive electric cars and wear black turtlenecks, Macs will finally get the full appreciation they deserve. But until then, I’d rather they stay on the left coast.

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