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Today on “How It’s Made“: giant metal vats, assembly lines, babies, and paper cups.

Just kidding. But more importantly, who would name his or her child “Jon Kyl“? Why take two perfectly reasonable first names, drop one letter from each, and then combine them to make such a pretentious title?

I’m a bit scatterbrained as I have recently undergone strenuous testing over nearly every anatomical feature of the human head and neck (who would’ve thought there could be so much contained in such a small space?). However, the examination marked the end of my experience with human corpses, which I’ll consider a good thing. It was a great learning experience, but I won’t miss it (or the smell) too much.

Next on the agenda: more class, then more studying, followed by more video games. “Working for the weekend” should probably be frowned upon, but should “learning for the weekend” be equally discouraged? Every approaching break looks more and more appetizing…

But isn’t life beautiful?

One thought on “thoughts and reflections

  1. It’s nice to see you’re studying up on the Republican Minority Whip in the Senate. Agreed about the two names. That is very annoying. You did, however, fail to mention the episode where they made decorative eggs. That kept me up all night with excitement.

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