time for gloom

Terrible, tragic, horrific news (no, I’m not talking about that) – Michael Crichton died today at 66 years old. His books were some of the most palatable to me, and he was one of very few authors from which I had read multiple works. Some may not know that the “Jurassic Park” creator was a Harvard graduate who wrote his first major novel, “The Andromeda Strain,” while he was attending medical school.

His success was staggering and he should be commended for his accomplishments. His later works weren’t all five-star caliber, but they were nevertheless entertaining, and always thought-provoking. He took some flak for arguing against the impending “crisis” of global warming, but his objections were well-founded and deserved attention. This is an interesting read on the subject.

What can be learned from the passing of an intelligent mind? The transient nature of life, carpe diem, etc… But mostly, if you’re good at something, you should pursue it. Other people will thank you for it, and remember you for it, later. And you will have made their lives that much more enjoyable.

3 thoughts on “time for gloom

  1. family guy is hit-or-miss to me, and i haven’t seen new southparks in a while (although i think i had it on and there was something about killer guinea pigs or something).

    i’ve gotten even more into “it’s always sunny in philadelphia.” i’ve been watching a couple of episodes a day on hulu.com (which is free and legal, and you can watch in HD).

    also, i’ve changed the anti-spam words. if you log in you shouldn’t need to use the spam word, but the new ones are much cooler.

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