The latest Harvest Moon game has been available for the Wii for a bit over a week now, and reviews are decidedly “ehh.” It’s interesting to note IGN’s take on this new installment (they gave the game a 6.5/10 overall):

With a little more ambition though, the franchise could really open up. Multiplayer would be an excellent move, allowing players to move from their town to others like Animal Crossing. The weather channel could make for some interesting ‘real world’ integration, as you could set your region, and then have your virtual town synched with whatever destination you chose. After 10 years of basically the same design, we’d also be down for seeing a real-time version of the game, as there were plenty of times during our playthrough of Tranquility where we wanted to play a few minutes, and then put it down again, rather than rushing through day after day of doing the same general routine to build up cash flow. These aspects aren’t necessary changes by any means, but they would push the franchise; something that hasn’t been on the forefront of importance over the last few years.

– Mark Bozon, IGN

Hmm…that sure is an intriguing opinion. Where have I heard that before? Oh, right…

But perhaps Harvest Moon should try to find its roots again. At the same time, it would do well to take a hint from the Animal Crossing playbook and design a portable game that mimics real-time. In such a manner, a farmer wouldn’t be running frantically around trying to water all of the crops before they wither away at the end of the virtual season.

It’s a shame when such grand ideas come so easily to the players of a game and yet manage to elude the game’s developer. Perhaps the 20th anniversary of Harvest Moon will offer something to look forward to. Anyone who follows Japanese farming sims may already be getting their hopes up a bit

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