vote or die

Ehh, politics. Few things are so divisive (or uninteresting, as the case may be). Most would agree that all citizens of a free country have an obligation to be informed about major issues and that they should, in turn, vote accordingly. But “politics” is so synonymous with bureaucratic convolutions, deception, and personal neuroticism that it can be sickening and ultimately brushed aside as an “art for the crooked.”

Or you could take the “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” stance, believing that there is good to be done and that someone must do it. And indeed someone should. But many people who would be best at positions of leadership are not the types of people who would actually pursue such offices. This is a truth that has always been manifested in our society and it would seem that our political system has suffered for it.

What results is that a far greater level of success could likely be achieved by writing in a candidate against his will. Of course, this is completely impractical given modern electoral contrivances. Drastic overhaul of the voting process, though it could be beneficial, is highly unlikely; small changes accruing over time would serve the population best.

The day will be a beautiful one when the continual Samaritan is rewarded with the ability to do good for all, rather than a select few. If only we knew who that person was… In the meantime, we’ll just continue to settle for the lesser of two evils.

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