what’s life without some fun?

Instead of taking advantage of some recent (i.e. 24 hour) downtime to catch up on my studies, I took the liberty of investing in yet another video game (an investment decision that is always profitable). That game is Fable II, and after having played it for a number of hours on end, I can safely say that it is “pretty fun.”

I was initially put off by some of the “moral freedoms” the game allows the player, but the game designers obviously wanted to mimic much of the real world and what results is really not so bad. After all, what would be good if there were no capacity for evil? Making in-game options for some pretty dastardly and generally-considered “inappropriate” behaviors does not mean that someone is forced to take part in such activities; on the contrary, he should feel a greater sense of satisfaction in knowing what he could have done and still abstaining.

Giving the player a pet dog for a constant ally is a nice touch, as are many other little features. But combat feels extremely easy (granted, it’s very early on, but I’ve probably only been hit twice) and the auto-aiming is a bit much. Social interaction does indeed suck – all it takes to raise someone’s affection is farting in their direction, or showing off your muscles. In a matter of minutes I had three women ready to be wedded.

The little distractions are enjoyable though. Rather than rushing right to the wedding, I found it more enjoyable to work long hours at the blacksmith, forging swords, and then ran to the bar for some gambling. As Mitch would say, you’ve got to get your priorities crooked. Undoubtedly my “good” character has at least a handful of nefarious acts ahead of him, but all I want is a simple job, a quiet farm, and an ugly child.

I look forward to actually making some progress in the game before my real-world responsibilities once again envelop me. It doesn’t look as though it will be as engrossing a game as Oblivion was, but maybe that void will be filled by Fallout 3. Ahh, so many games to play…and no time at all…

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