worst album art

I don’t know how anyone could approve an album with this kind of imagery. It’s the kind of stuff that makes you want to toss away the case and just stick the CD in a drawer when you’re not using it. Anyway, this is about as disgusting as it gets in my collection, although I’m sure there’s worse out there.


Ughh…what is that?


All right, so this is just an EP, but it’s still tremendously tacky.


Wow, where to begin? That’s probably the gayest picture Ben Lee has ever taken, and he follows it up with some magic donut bubble-blower statues in the background. Overall, probably one of the worst album covers ever.


And last but not least, this Creed album…it’s breathtaking, really.

2 thoughts on “worst album art

  1. The first one is ~obviously~ a ball of aluminum foil or other metallic foil.

    The Creed one is so definitely clay turning into a human.

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