a different kind of conundrum

First, some site changes. I went back through some of the early posts on this site and changed the status to “private,” so as to make it less about my past relationships and more about awesome content.

http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/cat_culture_war.phpI have also updated the nature gallery to include a few new photos (well, they’re old, but new to the gallery), and I removed nearly all of the low-quality cell phone photos. Additionally, all photos now have 1024×768 resolution, which I know is not exactly “high-res,” but strikes an appropriate balance.

Now to the real issue: I found this old post, dated November 23rd, 2005, where all I said was “the date” and “April 24th, 2009.” I have no recollection of why I wrote this. My supposition is that this either refers to some intended manboychildguy follow-up (although it doesn’t seem to work for manboychildguy 3) or some relationship issue. A third choice is that I thought I was being clever by making everyone anticipate a date on which nothing exceptional was going to occur. The first person who can correctly determine what it means (preferably within three weeks) earns a shiny new quarter.

7 thoughts on “a different kind of conundrum

  1. April 24, 2009, is the day you begin your travel to Ruston in an attempt to make my birthday weekend awesome…?

  2. No to what those people above said. But here’s something kind of funny. There has been a note on my desk at work, buried in a big stack of stuff, since the day I started work. It says “Amy, sit up front April, 24th 2009.” That’s been 2 months. Kind of weird.

    But really? Isn’t it weird that no one commented to ask what the hell you meant? Is it a time capsule? Your license needs to get renewed? Fulcrum? Hibbity, gibbity?

  3. Hmm, interesting comments. I wonder if Amy could shed some light on the situation?

    It is odd that no one asked what I was talking about, but that just adds to the mystery. And hibbity, gibbity indeed.

  4. disturbing. now i feel like i’ll be blamed for anything that goes wrong on that day.

    i thought your link was going to have baby food on it. there’s actually some pretty cool gear there though.

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