a pick-up day

rf3_riverWe all know that “good days” should not be qualified by what we have gained in that day…but today was a good day. It’s been a day for products with numbers in their titles. Allow me to explain:

I now have Windows 7 Professional x64 running, complete with virtual Windows XP. Having not played around with 7 since one of the early betas, I never really got a feel for the added functionality and it’s been a good experience so far. I had no problems with Windows Vista, but with the $29 student deal the upgrade was impossible to pass up. Installation was painless; I downloaded an installer, did a clean install, and updated a couple of drivers.

And during the installation, I’ve been playing my newly-acquired FIFA 10 on the Xbox 360. It’s undoubtedly more fun to play with multiple teams in different stadiums and weather conditions – far more than the demo would allow me in the weeks that I played it non-stop. The virtual pro addition seems well implemented, even if it requires an Xbox Live account for the 3D game face functionality (which I finally managed to get working only to find out I couldn’t import it into the game).

Finally, Rune Factory 3 has also come out in Japan, and it’s quite fulfilling from a portable farming adventure perspective. Now, if only I could keep playing around with this new software without the real world creeping in…

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