adverse effects can be a kick

beerfest, (c) warner brothersWhen I came to the realization that a potential side effect of an antidysrhythmic drug was, in fact, an arrhythmia, I decided it was time to stop studying pharmacology.

We’ve all seen it before: the commercials saying that this miracle drug for depression may cause suicidal tendencies, or this cure for high blood pressure can cause the brain to explode. Our modern medicines are truly life-changing, but sometimes you’ve got to decide if the disease is so bad after all. I just might take my chances with a cold if it means I can avoid the resultant anal itching of the remedy. And safely storing away a little HIV is a good way to avoid the guilt-tripping of those seeking blood donation. So don’t go through life worrying about alleviating all your ailments; get rid of some while embracing others.

I think my original point was in there somewhere.

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