battlefield carnage

Who needs Battlefield 3 when you’ve got excitement like this on the horizon?

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That’s Bad Company 2, which won’t be out for a while (March 2010), but it’s looking promising. I’ll just have to get used to shooters with health regeneration (and possibly infinite ammo), since that’s the way the winds are blowing these days. Now, if only everyone I knew had an Xbox 360, since PC gaming is dead…

4 thoughts on “battlefield carnage

  1. If you buy this, you are indeed retarded. Other than some minor tweaks in weapon classes, some enhanced visual effects, and some redrawn maps, there is literally no difference between this and bf2. This would be like paying 60 bucks to play bf2 all over again on a console.

  2. Are you sure about that? I mean, is it really fair to say that just because it’s a modern shooter it’s no different from other modern shooters?

    It’s got differentiating features, not the least of which is environmental destruction. There’s other stuff too. But I’m sure it plays differently, and hopefully for the better.

    And Bad Company 2 will be on PC, but I probably won’t be able to run it.

    (Who wouldn’t want to play “bf2 all over again” – with improvements – anyway?)

  3. Battlefield games I haven’t bought:
    BF 2142
    BF2 Modern Combat
    Bad Company

    Harvest Moon games I haven’t bought:
    HM More Friends of Mineral Town
    HM Another Wonderful Life
    HM DS Cute
    HM Island of Happiness
    HM Tree of Tranquility
    Innocent Life
    HM Boy & Girl
    Puzzle de Harvest Moon
    HM Frantic Farming

    Your presumption is flawed.

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