changing faces

cghm_lightword_themeCGHM has a new look, for the first time in a long time. It’s a breath of fresh air just in time for the autumn. I never did make an entry for the last theme the site used, breaking my trend of recording screenshots of the site at different times so that the different looks could be remembered, but it doesn’t really matter. Things I prefer about this theme over the last are its color palate, placement of text for the main article, and more efficient page file sizes. Parenthetically, for what it’s worth, the “modern” version of the site is only a couple of weeks away from its four-year anniversary.

For those curious, the picture in the header was taken by me while passing through Texas before a storm. This was at the conclusion of my visit with nature and shortly preceded the fitting end. A certain someone helped me choose which image to use and the font/placement for the site’s name on the header, so I owe her some credit.

Hopefully the literature page and nature gallery will be more easily accessible. Be sure to check those out if you haven’t yet bothered.

Don’t forget that if you don’t like the site’s theme, you can just view (or subscribe to) the site’s RSS feed so you get the recent content without all of the hassle of looking at something you hate.

4 thoughts on “changing faces

  1. Is it about logging in? The link is tiny, in the footer by the copyright stuff.

    Author title? You mean that “about the author” stuff? I think you can add that once you log in, under your profile or something.

  2. No, the log in is fine, it’s the no button to the DZ site that kills me. It always vanishes when you put a fresh coat of paint on the site. Yeah, I haven’t updated in a while, but I’ll get around to it.

  3. The thing about it is, I had it there and it made the sidebar that many pixels taller and less attractive. You’ll also note I changed the amount of recent posts shown for exactly the same reason.

    You can still get there from the “sites” page, which should be good enough…right?

    If you update DZ, I’ll be far more inclined to find another spot for the link.

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