have you ever…

trigger_happy_floating_babyHave you ever looked up from the text message you were composing in time to see a young woman attempting to traverse four lanes of traffic, during rush hour…whilst pushing her baby in a stroller? I guess I haven’t either, because I can only assume that the baby was not her own; surely no one would be so careless with her own child.

Have you ever considered that short people should be ashamed to live in houses with very high ceilings? Such added space is simply unnecessary and is wasteful. I’m not short, but I already feel a bit guilty when walking through a door frame when I know that the lintel could easily be a foot lower and clear my head with room to spare.

Have you ever stopped studying for a test knowing that you didn’t know enough, and then taken the test only to confirm that you didn’t know enough? These experiences just serve to show how unsuccessfully notes are comprehended when they are placed by the bed at night, rather than studied.

Have you ever parked in the spot marked “Reserved – Towing Enforced” for weeks at a time, fully knowing that it’s not reserved for you?

Have you ever visited Bob Schneider’s website? His new album, Lovely Creatures, is streaming there for free.

Have you ever realized that Nick Drake was saying “it’s really too hard for to fly,” and that the song isn’t about a fly in the rain at all? It changes the whole meaning of the song.

Have you ever added a sloth picture to your website that brought in more viewers than anything you ever spent hours rambling about?

Have you ever grown tired of asking, “Have you ever…”?

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