iDoes do that

The marketing guys convinced me to do it. All they had to do was produce a device with superior hardware and nearly equatable software to the iPhone, and put it on a more reliable network. Not that I was too greatly drawn toward the iPhone, but it’s arguably the device to beat.

As I write this on my shiny new Motorola Droid, I’m multitasking with “Pink Moon” in the background. The screen (3.7″, 854×480) is amazing, and text is remarkably crisp. The sliding QWERTY keyboard is indeed cramped and shallow, but I much prefer it to a purely on-screen alternative. And this thing is snappy…the ARM Cortex A8 processor (ala Palm Pre, iPhone 3GS) eliminates any slowdowns. Google Android 2.0 is satisfying, at least at first glance.

It’s a pretty drastic change from my Blackjack II running Windows Mobile 6.1. Rest assured I’ll report back soon enough.

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