in case you weren’t watching

you don't need the y-axisAll right, you say – so CGHM has been delivering random content for four years now, but what has it done for you lately?

  • It has kept Tards software silent. Many people would consider this to be beneficial for mankind. The best way to assure yourself that no new terrible programming has been unleashed on the world is to check here frequently, cautiously peeking through your fingers.
  • It has spawned a reading rainbow. The Magner’s Farm and Stock Book and Complete Instructor series is finally done after more than a year in production. All key points of the book have now been made available in digital form on the literature page. Just the other day I used my knowledge of farm law to argue down a disheveled vagrant I found claiming residence on my land. Also, diddlers beware.
  • It got rid of some old stuff. Sometimes it’s not what you add – it’s what you take away. Several old entries that consisted of nothing more than me complaining about ex-girlfriends and recanting sappy song lyrics have been removed to ensure that it’s just posts like these that get in your way from reading fascinating articles.
  • It’s Axminster. MacGyver’s outwitting of the moustached villain is nearly a parody of itself.
  • It has made you thinka lot.

So…it hasn’t done much, but not without good reason. Still, a new Battlefield update (and game), new Pete Yorn album, and a new Zune are always good food for discussion. Something must be going right, because more and more people are stopping by to get confused, offended, and/or bored (see accompanying figure above). The site has changed themes a few times and the nature gallery is updated randomly, so don’t expect stagnation. Just expect the best.

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