it lagged BIG time

It may be premature to speak of the death of PC gaming, but the industry at least has some sort of terminal illness. Blame it on uninspired game designers, piracy, or the increased prevalence of console gaming, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. There will always be people who don’t deserve to use computers until they’re old enough to vote. I am speaking, of course, of those who give piss-poor reviews to highly-acclaimed PC games on sites that the average Joe would visit.

a noob reviews empire total war

Empire: Total War is a strategy game that was well-received by experienced reviewers and gamers, but its somewhat demanding system requirements left the inexperienced 12 year old scratching his head. Those who don’t realize that their inferior components may be to blame instead find fault in the game, which leads to low scores and mixed public approval.

Still, if game designers just made their products devoid of “huge white screen errors,” PC gaming would still have a chance.

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