Over the past week, I’ve had less than two days of reliable Internet access. The DSL Service seemed to sputter out and a replacement modem failed to solve the problem. After a lengthy chat with tech support, they decided that the brand-new replacement modem was defective in a different way. So we are receiving a third modem that will attempt, to the best of its ability, to solve the problem. In the meantime, we’re churning butter, tending the fields, and whistling “Dixie.” And occasionally we’ll watch ESPN.

Actually, there are several things you can do while your Internet is down. Some suggestions:

  • Create a sand sculpture.


  • Reorganize your network hub (no Internet required).


  • Build a fire pit.

fire pit

  • Attend a concert (more on this later).


  • Dethrone a dictator (I have yet to partake in this activity).

The best thing you can do when you have no Internet is to not panic; the world continues to exist, even though you cannot see it. Rest assured more updates are coming as I re-assimilate myself into the web.

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