parking cars

Driving is probably the most dangerous activity in which most people will participate throughout their lives. What is important to remember is that the danger does not stop on the highway – there are some absurdly bad car parkers out there. It is not an uncommon occurrence to see someone a bit over the line or attempting a foolish maneuver in a parking lot, but true absurdity is indeed rare. And then there’s this…


It takes one of three people to park in such a conspicuous and generally apathetic manner:

  • The hurried husband, eager to grab some Oreos to appease his pregnant spouse.
  • The elderly grandmother, not even sure how she found herself at the store at all.
  • The sleazebag.

I’m still not sure what actually possessed someone to show such blatant disregard for the yellow lines. In any case, it would be a miracle if he maintained an unmarred bumper with shenanigans like these. (And no, there was definitely no one in the car; it was not in the process of backing out or pulling in.)

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