On Saturday morning, I camped out for an hour in front of a Sprint/Nextel store to get my hands on a not-nearly-enough-hyped Palm Pre. I will be writing a barely-comprehensive review of the phone using all capslock and gratuitous amounts of profanity. It’s a shame I’m not closer to the reader base so you guys could just play with it for yourselves and save me the effort. Jackasses.

pandora, web browser and conversations
pandora, web browser and conversations

7 thoughts on “pre-view

  1. That’s truly a beautiful interface. What’s more beautiful is the prospect of you actually contributing to this site. 🙂 I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR REVIEW.

    Or “you’re” review, if you will.

  2. You can be a grammar troll, but do it in the admin section. Not publicly. Spellcheck won’t work in allcaps.

  3. Hypothetically, if a certain “individual” wanted to stream like 3-4 porn vids, would that be possible.

    Also, is the screen semen protected?

  4. i’ll screenshot this in action if i can..

    and no, for the time being, you have to get a site that will stream in something other than flash.

    flash is to be supported soon.

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