searching justice


You can all feel free to make Bing your default search provider now, if you so desire. The egregious error has been corrected.

This is just a follow-up to a previous discussion of Bing‘s main shortcoming: its inability to make the number one result in a search for “cghm.” Well, Microsoft must have read the site because is now the number one search result (fitting for a top-level domain). And just in time to celebrate, no less.

While on the topic of our site for a final time, I temporarily regained access to the forum (don’t bother – I closed it again) and sifted through all the crap that was piled in there…thousands of posts, actually, which was more impressive now than I realized at the time. And I found this gem, the thought of which brings a tear to my harvest-loving eye:


2 thoughts on “searching justice

  1. I’d be willing to bring bring them back if I thought anyone would visit. There were too many sub-forums though, and too much organization. It needed to be just one big chaotic mess.

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