seeking, not finding

I like Bing. The name isn’t amazing, but the site is beautiful and its features are handy. But ever since it debuted, it has done (at least) one thing wrong…CGHM. Searching for “cghm” on Microsoft’s new search engine yields 7,890 results.

cghm_winter_treeThe actual site is not turned up in the top findings. Individual articles are, but the results are hit or miss (for instance, searching “cghm axminster” does not find one of our most popular articles). Currently, the most recent article is on the first page of Bing’s results, and so is HMWorld, but that’s not good enough. Even searching for “” does not work…unless quotation marks are included. Then the main page will turn up – it’s even #1, as it should be – but, again, it’s unacceptable to have to be so specific. Even the Center for Genetics in Health and Medicine cracks the first page of the “cghm” results.

There are no such problems when using Google, the de facto standard in web crawling. As much as I would like to use Bing regularly, until they give Compu-Global Hyper Meganet the respect it deserves, I simply cannot.

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