smokey’s candid appearance

Sometimes studying for four straight days of exams conjures up memories of the games of one’s youth.

Harvest Moon games are a dime a dozen these days, but the latest game recently announced for Japan (Twin Villages) has something that caught my eye. In the following screenshot, a female protagonist (male and female options are available) is clearly visible, and so is some wildlife. Two monkeys, and a bear.


Harvest Moon has had some strange animals before (and in this new one you can raise alpacas), but a gentle roaming bear is quite unheard of. It’s possible that bears have been in some of the newer games that I haven’t closely followed, but I think it’s a first for a DS game. What the bear will do remains to be seen; it’s good that he gets along with the monkeys, but hopefully you can feed him fish or something. I believe bears should be included in all worthwhile video games, so this is a good design decision.

The U.S. is still waiting for the last two Japanese Harvest Moon releases (Sunshine Islands and Wind Bazaar), so who knows when this one will materialize.

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