smorgasbord, I received a letter with an official title after my name, and the opening line of “dear doctor.” This was a very gratifying experience, but apparently no one has told these people about the numerous classes in which I am still enrolled, or the years of work remaining before I warrant such a salutation. It was at the same time delightful and crushing, forcing me to realize how much lies before me.

I also saw a little Mexican atop a remarkably precarious ladder, one stretched to three times its regular height (and surely beyond the limits of its safe operation). He was painting and there was another person at the base of the ladder moving the shaky contraption (in a helpful manner?) while the guy up top tried to get his feet on some slightly-protruding bricks. He almost fell.

On another note, I did make a feeble attempt to grab before it became another steaming crap-pile of useless links (don’t go there – it’s not worth it). But, alas, someone beat me to it and at we shall endure.

Lastly, I’ve been reflecting on possible ways to improve bathroom sanitation and convenience, and I’ve formulated an idea: a swarm of possibly lethal nanorobots. This would result in a clean buttocks, of course! Imagine: instead of using toilet paper, tiny machines identify which particles belong back there and which ones do not, and digest away any fecal residue, leaving the whole area silky smooth. I would pay big bucks for that, and I hope it’s one of their first priorities when micromanufacturing hits the big-time.

Oh, and one more thing! The Braves did indeed acquire Derek Lowe, so all is not lost for the 2009 season…although they still don’t have a chance of winning much of anything. Maybe if they add a power bat.

If only I had a Gayer quote to throw in here, I could use almost all the categories in this post.

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