the dragon dies

blue_dragonflyAn anecdote:

Once, two people found a pair of dragonflies that were in intimate contact, buzzing about. One person said to the other, “they’re mating,” to which the other replied, “I’m not so sure.” He noted that while one dragonfly was blue, the other was green, and it was possible that they were of different species. He also observed that there was an unlikely amount of noise being created; when mating, many bugs are relatively quiet, to avoid attracting predators. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, he pointed out that the only contact was the head of the green dragonfly firmly attached to the upper thorax of the blue dragonfly – in the least, an inefficient mating configuration.

Further investigation by the people revealed that the green dragonfly was indeed eating the blue dragonfly. One of the people separated the insects and wounds were clearly visible. The lesson, therefore, is threefold:

  1. Bugs eat each other.
  2. There is a thin line between sex and attempted murder.
  3. Sticking your nose in the business of others can be lifesaving.

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