time to tweet

twit (noun, 1528)
– a silly annoying person; fool


I know there’s some reason I can’t stand Twitter, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the White House trying to get me to read their “tweets,” or the news channels thinking they’re hip and popular because of all their little followers, or it could be that I have no interest whatsoever in where you’re going right now. Maybe it’s the quality of the users, or the quality of the content, or both.

So I went ahead and searched for reasons to hate Twitter, because positive reinforcement, even of negative feelings, is always good. I found this, which is just some guy talking about why he hates Twitter, but it’s reasonable enough. He hates it because it’s too popular, and everyone talks about it, and it’s a waste of time, and it has its own lexicon of frustratingly inane terms.

Maybe if I had a Twitter account, my life would be more complete. As it stands, I’m forced to get by with only the occasional Facebook status update. Hopefully the Twitter enthusiasm will die down enough that I can go a day or two without having to hear about it, and then one day it will be overtaken by a new Internet fad that will surely be equally deplorable – but at least new.

Oh yeah, I forgot: Ashton Kutcher. That’s probably a large part of it.

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