a boring spring break

Have you ever had a flyer shoved into the door of your apartment while you were sitting mere feet away, and had to resist the urge to shove it right back out? If I didn’t fear the reprisal of the less-than-upstanding individuals who deliver door-based menus, I would have done it.

But apartment life isn’t all bad. One unspoken perk is the indirect knowledge you can attain about the person who lived there before you – through their mail. Yes, simply noting the names of the senders and of the intended recipient can provide great insight into what your forerunner is currently up to. For instance, I one day started receiving a vast quantity of tacky mail from various ambulance-chasing lawyers in the area, all addressed to the former resident of my apartment. I can ascertain that he has inquired about legal services for one reason or another.

And I can also assume he hasn’t gotten to take advantage of all the presumably fantastic credit card offers that have been coming his way. It’s all right though, because I know his forwarding address.

3 thoughts on “a boring spring break

  1. I’ll assume this is Little Walter. Do you have it? On PC or PS3?

    I’ll tell you what I told your brother: “Frustrating on Xbox, but seems like it would have potential if played with a mouse & keyboard. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the beta or the full version (ahem) to run on my PC. And they give you zero control over graphics options….just low, med, & high. They’re dumbing it down for console folks, in other ways too.”

    That said, if it ran on my PC and you had the PC version, I would definitely play it with you. Instead, I’ve just been playing BF2 again. Mostly sniping and commanding.

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