cyclonic update

Inspy’s sitting unused, and my new desktop, Cyclone, has been completed for several weeks. No major issues were encountered in its assembly and it’s doing well. I have needed to order some extra, higher-quality thermal paste, as the processor temperatures have been just a bit on the high side, idling around 42 degrees and reaching 60 when thoroughly stressed (Prime95).

Here are the system’s credentials thusfar:

  • 7.3 (out of 7.9) in the Windows Experience Index
  • 16,181 in 3DMark Vantage
  • Runs Battlefield 2, Company of Heroes, Crysis, Bad Company 2, Assassin’s Creed II on “high” to “very high” settings – and that’s what really matters, right?
  • Blu-ray works (it took some effort to update the software)

I’d still like a monitor, as text isn’t as crisp on this HDTV as it could be otherwise. But the system is performing as expected, and for a desktop computer in 2010, I couldn’t ask for more. It’s been a fun project, and I”ll enjoy keeping it in top shape.

4 thoughts on “cyclonic update

  1. I think I’ll be getting that. I passed on Bioshock 2, but the first game was quite good.

    I watched the rest of that chick. Seems interesting. I’m not sure why she figures Harvest Moon has no real-world applicability though (she didn’t say that explicitly, but I deduced it).

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