if you’re going to lose…

…Lose it big.

I think the beauty of being subjected to a no-hitter is that it can really bring a team’s offense under inspection, and hopefully elicit some change. As bad as the Braves looked tonight in Ubaldo Jimenez’s six-walk no-hitter, there’s solace in knowing that Cox and Wren couldn’t possibly sit back and say that at least a third of the lineup (namely: Melky, McLouth, and Glaus) are up to league average, or that Terry Pendleton has any clue what he’s doing with Atlanta hitters…

…Or could they?

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Admittedly, I’ve seen worse. And Jimenez was throwing some very nasty stuff. Here’s a post-game quote from Bobby Cox, regarding Jimenez: “He’s hard to hit at.”

Well-said, Bobby. Well-said.

2 thoughts on “if you’re going to lose…

  1. Two thoughts.
    1) I have an MLB.tv subscription this season but no PS3, so that’s a shame. Still, I hook my laptop up to my TV via HDMI anyway so the picture quality is fine and I can watch the games on the big screen.
    2) The plugin (NexDef) MLB requires you to use for optimum quality is terrible, especially on Windows 7. Without it, you can still get HD streams, but you miss out on DVR controls (play/pause/rewind) for live games, which is a big shame. So if all that works well on the PS3 it would still be better than streaming from the laptop connection.

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