There’s something to be said for the merits of self-deprivation. One of the most difficult acts a man can perform is to deny himself harmless pleasures solely for the sake of self-improvement. These are not undertakings of moral significance; i.e. not teetotalism, nor abstinence from sexual impurity. Rather, I am referring to less consequential, but still important, things – like spending a spring break studying instead of enjoying the numerous available distractions.

Competing against one’s own desires will always be an uphill battle, but it makes a man stronger. Yes, there are innumerable other ways to grow as an individual, some of which include: traveling, composing music, pondering,¬†playing video games. But if any of these are what someone¬†wishes to do, he’s missing out. Man long ago realized that his time was precious, and his days numbered; an enlightened individual will look evanescent Life in the face and scoff, choosing to spend his most vivacious days cloistered in an apartment, perusing the uninteresting.

Higher education is the hobgoblin of little minds.

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