People love to see themselves, and companies love to provide new, creative ways for them to do so. Whether it be as a Simpsons character (which no longer works, I suppose), as a cartoon “Mii,” or a slightly-less-cartoony Xbox avatar, these digital creations are often more aesthetically pleasing than looking in a mirror. And now Google’s getting on the bandwagon, offering up a slightly unique take – the ability to turn oneself into an Android robot.

It’s a rather simple system at the moment, allowing you to resize your Android and change features, but it ultimately produces a flat, static image and there’s not a lot to do with it – other than show it off.

My first creation is a soccer player with a parrot, and the second resembles a misanthropic woodsman: aviator glasses, beard, camo jacket, and a Magner tome. Hopefully Google will come up with some purpose for these creations in the future. Right now they pale in comparison to real soccer players and misanthropes.

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