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I would be remiss to post the Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer without mentioning the mouth-watering new preview of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I was never one for magic and fantasy but Oblivion drew me in with its idyllic scenery and massive countryside. Skyrim looks to have all that and more, including some new features that I haven’t been able to turn down in a video game yet: menial tasks like cooking, farming, mining, woodcutting, and blacksmithing. And hunting, of course. Of all the things to do in that sprawling, open, Nordic land, these are high on my list.

Fighting dragons looks to be pretty thrilling though.

7 thoughts on “epic epicness

  1. Hahahah to bold farming.

    Yeah, I was never one for high fantasy myself, but I’m actually interested in ESV now. Well, perhaps playing Fallout: New Vegas to death helped with that desire.

  2. See, that’s the thing. Bethesda made 3, but they didn’t make New Vegas.

    And I don’t know if it was that, or if it’s because I played 3 after I played New Vegas, but I didn’t like Fallout 3.

    In fact, I hadn’t played any previous ES game or Fallout game before New Vegas. But when I finished it, I found that the experience of 3 and Oblivion was only a pale imitation of the experience I had with NV.

    I’m tearing through the new DLC for NV right now, and it’s great.

  3. Fallout 3 got marginally better reviews than New Vegas, so I figured I wasn’t missing much by playing a slightly-worse game based on the same premise, using the same engine, just set in a different location. But I’ll probably pick it up for cheap eventually.

    I loved Oblivion. It just seemed like such an immense undertaking, the hundreds of hours poured into it to flesh out that whole world, even if it wasn’t without its shortcomings. If Skyrim can address the few gripes I had with Oblivion, I don’t see why it won’t be an amazing experience.

    Honestly, farming already gives it a head start, if done right. They better make me water my crops.

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