I awoke to a bedroom at 51 degrees Fahrenheit, with the power out and my window panes frosted through. Perhaps it’s a factor of geography, but I was unaware that the condensation on the inside of the window could freeze. The glass is thawed now, although the outside temperature is just below 20 degrees.

In the meantime, I’ve enjoyed two successive “snow days,” a delight I rarely, if ever, got to experience as a child. As fun as it is to have an unexpected vacation, being “snowed in” (by a total of zero inches of snow) can get dull fairly quickly. It is a reminder that there’s more to life than video games and technology.

On the topic of technology – Google showed off their latest Android version today without addressing “Google Music,” a long-rumored service that would allow users to, purportedly, upload their music to “the cloud” to stream wirelessly to their Android handsets/tablets. This would allow those with large libraries to avoid having to sync their music or just carry partial collections…and it’s something I’d love to see. Consider me disappointed that all we’ve gotten is a web-based Android Market (which is somewhat useful, I suppose). Surely the music service is coming soon…

Finally, I’ve spent quite some time the last few days looking at new themes for this site but coming off unsatisfied. The site may or may not get a new look in the near future, maybe. Or maybe not.

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