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The soldier on EA’s new site for Battlefield 3 shows remarkable attention to detail. The large points are there, such as his M4 firearm and authentic uniform. But it’s got all the little touches as well, and one that stuck out to me was the “NKDA” patch on his chest. Years ago I might have ignored this, but I now know this as an indication of “no known drug allergies,” a very useful piece of information for field medics who might need to treat this soldier without taking a full medical history. What else can we glean from this soldier? Well, we know he’s right-handed, and also that he’s impervious to flames – most likely due to a defect in his C-fibers or the transmembrane proteins responsible for heat reception. I doubt these facts come into play once the game is released later this year, but it could be good to know. 😉 has a breakdown of the trailer, pointing out that the factions shown are the U.S. and Russians, with vehicles very similar (or identical) to those in Battlefield 2. And delving into the pre-order pages on Amazon and Gamestop uncovers mention of “drag[ging] your fallen comrades into safety,” which seems like a pretty cool gameplay mechanic if it works as described. It was a bit strange for medics to be diving all over the streets in BF2, whipping out defibrillators left and right.

Now that I think about it, is anyone disappointed that the PC version caps out at 64 players? True, recent versions of Battlefield have dumbed the limit down so that we’re used to less, but Battlefield 2 could handle 64 players in 2005. Computers are better, Internet connections are faster…it just seems that 100 or more players should be a possibility by now. I imagine the chaos would be even more fun on a massive battlefield with targets everywhere. Sony’s MAG can handle 256 players at once. Alas, DICE didn’t see it as a necessity.

Additionally, DICE has said that BF3 will have a singleplayer campaign and co-op to augment the multiplayer experience. I remember when I first got Battlefield 1942 thinking it was strange, or a bit lazy, that the game had no singleplayer component – but now I’m actually worried that they’re including one. It shows that not all their energy is going into the multiplayer, which is the crux of the game, and the inclusion of such modes is definitely a product of the game being released on consoles. I’ll reserve judgment for now.

The limited edition of BF3 is available to pre-order now from major retailers, although no one knows what the limited edition entails yet. Amazon has the release date cautiously listed as December 31st, 2011, but the game will most likely be released well before that.

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  1. I forgot to mention another thing to hate about Bad Company 2, and a reason I haven’t gotten into the game: you have to unlock the health kit and shock paddles as a medic, and you have to unlock the wrench as an engineer…meaning you can’t do anything but shoot guns with those guys when you start out. How stupid is that??? They better not do that here…

    Also, subsequently to my posting this, a more detailed breakdown of the soldier was done here, including my “no known drug allergies” bit.

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