the act of removing weeds from one’s garden

You know that feeling you get when change is imminent…that understanding that things will never be the same? Yeah, I’ve got that.

I considered writing something weighty and solemn about the sanctity of marriage and of the significance it should, but sometimes does not, carry. And then I considered taking a less formal but decidedly more personal route to discuss, as mentioned, the emotional import of such endeavors. But I settled on this approach – a hodgepodge of words that, in their syncopation and disharmony, could accurately reflect the stress and excitement and sheer joy of planning and committing and calling and moving and deciding, and accepting. And knowing…

…That she will be with me for everything that is to come,
…That she will be the most beautiful girl in the world in that wedding dress,
…That something will almost certainly go awry, as the bard predicted, (but it won’t matter),
…That the bathroom sink will never be the same again,
…That the monthly budget will be completely shot,
…That I won’t be able to spend every spare minute playing video games,
…That I will finally¬†have to be the man I should be (or at least try harder).

And she will love me when I don’t deserve love, and that’s the greatest gift a man can get.

4 thoughts on “the act of removing weeds from one’s garden

  1. “That I will finally have to be the man I should be (or at least try harder).”

    There was a movie made about this and I think it will help you out.

    See, it starts off with this guy who believes he has finally found his calling and he sets off on an adventure to reach it. His journey takes him to the Arctic circle, where an incident leaves him frozen in ice for many, many years. He is later found by a passing sea captain, but it was determined that he should remain frozen until it was believed safe for him to be unfrozen. His mere presence in the Arctic ice was a mystery to the people who recovered the man, and the captain and the government took him to a secret research facility for study. There the government proceeded to study his body, and determined that great technological advanced could be made based on the man inside and how he managed to end up in the ice. This proceeded for many years until a group of young men hear of the frozen man’s whereabouts and set out to free him. The government tries to repel the group of freedom fighters, but fails at stopping them from resuscitating the frozen man. The frozen man, thoroughly pissed off at the whole situation, TRANSFORMS into the man he NEEDS to be, and proceeds to fight the oppressive government as the head of the freedom fighters. And though the man suffered loses small and large, he never lost hope and would continue his fight against the government. His dream was still in reach, and he would never give up until he got it.

    That man’s name? Megatron.

  2. Directed by Michael Bay.


    Had a good time at the wedding though, for realz. Wish you kids all the best of luck and happiness and all of that heart-warming stuff.

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