again with the vita

Mobile gaming has come a long way. Some people may not desire the power afforded by the Playstation Vita; they may be content with gaming at home on their couch, and then just passing the time with Angry Birds when they’re on the go. But even they have to be impressed with the ability of the Vita to provide a console-like experience in a mobile form factor. Never before has a mobile device achieved such a level of parity with its console cohorts. That’s not to say that the Vita produces Xbox 360 or PS3-level quality, but the experience gets dangerously close.

Which is to say, I’m enjoying the Vita. FIFA Soccer is basically FIFA 11 from the PS3, and MLB 12 The Show lacks the presentation of the PS3 version, but these games are much more faithful adaptations of their big siblings than previous mobile games have been, and certainly miles ahead of any discounted “app store” offerings. I’m not sure the day will come when large, ambitious titles (e.g. the next Elder Scrolls game) are released for the Xbox 720, PS4, and Vita simultaneously, but that would be a nice dream.

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