creepy Christmas carols, and more

The week of Thanksgiving isn’t too early to start listening to Christmas music, is it? Leave it to the inimitable Sufjan Stevens to take a Christmas classic and spin it into one of the most haunting melodies I’ve ever heard.

While mentioning hauntingly beautiful Sufjan holiday music, we must not forget “That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!”, the soft intonations of which are impossible to ignore.

There’s been a dearth of quality music lately, with “lately” being loosely used to describe the last half decade or so. My attempts to cling to the bands that at one time put forth good tunes have proved futile, as in their ascendancy to the mainstream, or because of their aging vocal cords, or their loss of angst, the quality just isn’t there. Every now and then, I find a new band/album to sustain me just a bit longer, as I have recently with All the Little Lights by Passenger. Bandcamp is a pretty useful music discovery tool; I just went there as I was writing this, and found some music by a guy named Stu Larsen which, on first listen, seems cool…so maybe all isn’t lost?

3 thoughts on “creepy Christmas carols, and more

  1. There is a Bob Dylan Christmas album that is scarier than anything else I can imagine. Like a rock monster gargling children while singing kind of xmas themed tunes.

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