have yourself a merry little christmas, and keep your hands off my full web

Android Christmas Fire (source)

Christmas 2012. Some thought we (humanity) would never get this far, yet here we are. Hopefully, your life has changed for the better this past year, and the thought of the birth of our savior has renewed your vigor and given you motivation to tackle another year full of challenges.

Perhaps this has little to do with Christmas, or Jesus, but it does have to do with programming (and that counts for something): if you’re the designer of a mobile website intended to redirect smartphone/tablet users away from the full site, do not – please – create the redirect so that it applies to all subpages as well. Now if I’m searching for info on Google and I find exactly what I want, and I click the link, you’re directing me back to the homepage, giving me no easy way to get to that information which was so tantalizingly close to my fingertips. But at least I’ve got nice big buttons to click because you’ve made it “mobile friendly.” 😡

Now take a look at this beautiful winter scene created by some Google artist. It’s adorable, and I’m a fan of most of the creatures depicted, and they seem to be having a good time. But closer inspection reveals that only the abominable snowman, the android, and one of the penguins are actually participating in the festivities. The other animals are rapt in digital escapism, preferring to reside in a digital alter-universe than to fully experience the joy of the present. Let that be a lesson to you; enjoy spending time together – especially if you’re around a snowy campfire – and put away your phone some this holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

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