an uggla exclusion

Well, the Braves did manage to win the National League East for the first time since 2005, and they did it with 96 wins, their best total since 2004. But they also did it with Dan “Stinkin'” Uggla batting a whopping .179, and, as a result, Fredi Gonzalez has decided to exclude the once-formidable second baseman from their NLDS roster.

Uggla’s suckitude has been well-documented, but it still comes as a bit of a surprise that someone who is making so much money would be shown the door prior to the postseason. The Braves haven’t balked at dropping high-payed under-performers before, including fairly recently with Kenshin Kawakami taking a well-earned banishment to the minors. Sometimes it just seems that the obvious moves are the hardest ones to make.

So maybe B.J. Upton will be the next expensive Braves to be put out to pasture, even if he does still have some favorable attributes to make up for his utter lack of offensive presence. It would apparently take such a dramatic move for anyone to even remember that Atlanta has a chance in the playoffs; most are too busy clinging to the sides of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ bandwagon.

I’ll call it now: Braves over Dodgers 3-2, Braves over Cardinals 4-2, Braves over random AL team 4-0. The Atlanta Braves, your 2013 World Champions (hey, they’re at least as qualified as the 2012 San Francisco Giants).

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