just look at that face

Disclosure: I am a Chelsea fan.

Having said that, I cannot stop laughing at the face this ball boy makes as he rolls in apparent “agony” after being mildly kicked in the ribs by Chelsea’s Eden Hazard. The situation in a nutshell: Chelsea’s down by two goals in the semifinal of a cup match with fifteen minutes left, the ball goes out of play, and Hazard wants to restart play quickly but the ball boy intentionally falls on the ball and won’t hand it over. So Hazard does the most logical thing and tries to pop the ball out with a swift kick, and he accidentally (and slightly) connects with the boy’s ribs.

Hazard was red carded after the fact, and pundits are acting like he egregiously assaulted an innocent little boy out of cold-blooded malice. In fact, it is obvious that all Hazard was trying to do was get the ball back in play; the lack of malevolence in Hazard’s actions is just as evident as the blatant malevolence in the boy’s. I fully believe the boy deserved every bit of the unintentional kick for clearly delaying the game for the benefit of the home team. The fact that the boy then rolled around in his finest Luis Suarez impression whilst grimacing and appealing for the call is icing on the cake. And that face he made!

Justice. Particularly when it is considered (an afterthought, or not at all, by many) that before the game the boy posted to his Twitter account: “The king of all ball boys is back making his final appearance #needed #for #timewasting.” Self-professed twerpism. Also, the ball “boy” is 17 years old; Hazard recently turned 22, so this is not the “30 year old assaults a 4 year old” scandal the headlines make it out to be.

Not that any of that really matters. Look at that face!


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