never trust a role model

Wow, I just saw this headline: “Oscar Pistorius charged with murder after girlfriend shot dead.”

t1000_terminator_runningIf this is true, then what a slap in the face it is to Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, and Roger Clemens* in their heretofore unheard of zeal for tarnishing their images, and corrupting the fragile minds of idolizing children. Having said that, I always knew a man with bionic legs should not be allowed to compete in the Olympics against those with the limitations of flesh and bone. The fact that such augmented racers are now 100% more prone to murders is just icing on the cake.

Of course, if Pistorius had been in the NFL (or, perhaps, the NBA) this murder charge would seem much more commonplace, but it certainly is out of the norm for competitive running. Unless we’re about to witness a new breed of amphetamine-fed, deer antler spray-using, semi-robotic murderous speedster, in which case we’re all doomed.

* The difference is that these guys were really good at what they did.

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