time for nitpicking

I’ll just get right to it: why make me skim past posts about football on the official site of Major League Baseball? Of the many things that annoy me about the decisions MLB makes, this is pretty far down on the list, but I still find it irksome.


In the same vein, the grammar on MLB.com does not always comply with my lofty standards. Take, for instance, the headline, “Roy Halladay won his first game of 2013 and the 200th of his storied career.” To the baseball layman (why would he be on MLB.com?), this could mean that Halladay just pitched in his first game of 2013 and won it. Further, it could mean that this was the 200th game in which Halladay pitched, and he just happened to win it. Actually, Halladay has pitched in three games this season and has now pitched in 406 games in his career. He didn’t win his first game of this year, because the Braves beat him up…

And how ’bout those Braves? An 11-1 start, winning 9 straight with a Major League-best 1.82 ERA and 20 homers (good for 2nd in the majors). If they can keep up this pace, I’ll be able to withstand all the football posts and poor grammar MLB.com can possibly throw at me.

7 thoughts on “time for nitpicking

  1. Ahhh. Well, look who it is. HACKMAN. My mortal enemy.

    You know that CHOPPING is better than HACKING.

  2. Hackin’ and choppin’ all over this place. Let’s settle this.

    While “hacking” has the advantage of speed, “chopping” has the connotation of more precision. And when I need something or someone felled, I tend toward precision. So my vote goes for Chopman.

    Besides, that breadfish thing was obnoxious.

  3. You remember when we wanted to be obnoxious in comp sci class, we’d play snippets of “Like Humans Do” on the computer?

    That’s what the breadfish reminds me of. And I laff evry tim.

  4. Annoying rule change alert: it is now a balk if you fake a pick-off attempt to third and first. But not second. Nope. Second is ok. Third used to be ok. Now it is RIGHT OUT!

    Of course this begs the question… Don’t umps have anything better to do than dream up new balk rules in the off season? My guess is in order to remain necessary the ump schools pay MLB to change the rules periodically. Follow the money.

  5. The complaint about that “fake-to-third-throw-to-first” play, I believe, was that it should have always been a balk, but was never called. Now they’re just enforcing the rule. Not sure about faking to second first, but I’m also not sure I’ve ever seen that…not very easy to pull that off unless you set up on the mound quite strangely.

    Having said that, I hate umpires.

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