android self-destruct
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We’re reaching smartphone critical mass. Last year, smartphones outsold “dumphones,” or feature phones, for the first time. Today’s smartphones are fast and capable of doing everything anyone could want from them for the next few years. And the phones should be able to survive that long, barring extreme abuse.

But that poses a problem for smartphone manufacturers – their devices are too good. If users see no compelling reason to upgrade, only the tech-savvy will do so – and maybe even they won’t, which brings me to my personal situation.

Years ago, I was forced to prematurely upgrade from the original Motorola DROID when the touchscreen’s digitizer died, through no fault of my own. My DROID 3 became unstable and sluggish over time, so I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S4. I have had few nits to pick with the S4 (aside, perhaps, from its overall dimensions), but now it’s randomly restarting itself, which is pretty infuriating.

This seems to be a relatively common occurrence, based on an anecdotal Google search. Now, I’m not necessarily positing that Samsung is deliberately debilitating their devices a year after purchase in order to induce an upgrade, but…well, it does work out for them, right?

We’re at a point where, for the last couple of years, smartphone innovation has been lacking. Until the real “next big thing” is here (and I don’t just mean a phone with an even more gargantuan screen size), all manufacturers can do is hope users drop their phones on railroad tracks. Or the manufacturers could just flip their magic switches, forcing phones to restart for no apparent reason mid-use, killing productivity and inciting rage and triggering aneurysms and…

Man, this really grinds my gears.

P.S. I’ve tried to troubleshoot the restart issue to no avail. It’s too random. I thought I’d fixed it by reformatting the SD card and moving most of the apps from the card to internal storage, but it still occurs. 🙁

4 thoughts on “android self-destruct

  1. Hmm…I may have to. I would’ve thought leaving it stock would be more reliable, but that’s already proven to be false, so what do I have to lose?

  2. I had the same thing happen to me

    My Galaxy S3 was working perfectly fine for 2 years + about 3 weeks then out of the blue it started restarting on its own

    I took very good care of my phone, it still looks brand new, I never had a single problem from day one

    Then the same thing started happening to my sons S3 this week, we got it at the same time 2 years ago

    I swear these phones are programmed to self destruct after 2 years

    Too much of a coincidence

  3. I remembered why I never flashed CyanogenMod. We have poor T-Mobile coverage at my house, so I need the WiFi calling feature; otherwise, I’d have to use some complex third-party crap to make things work right.

    Or I could just switch to AT&T and pay exorbitant fees for limited data, which I probably will end up doing. 🙁

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