flying high

I never fully grasped why people would use Twitter to solicit “retweets” or recognition of any kind from a celebrity or group. But I’m pretty proud of this:

The official Broken Lizard group Twitter account has shared the screenshot of the album art from Coconut Pete’s “Spanish Fly Fisherman” album that I made eight years ago. In the “Club Dread” film, they never show the whole album cover in one frame, so I had amateurly assembled and roughly straightened it for posting. It’s a fine work of art, I must say.

Let’s give thanks for life, liberty, and Coconut Pete’s paella this Thanksgiving. And if you’re bored, check out the full Coconut Pete post here.

2 thoughts on “flying high

  1. Sounds like you’ve got a tropical treat, sucked straight from the coconuts teat.

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