mlb 14 rears its head

mlb 14 jimmy rollins dive

The developers of MLB 14 The Show for the PS4 are going about its advertisement the wrong way. Instead of promoting its photo-realistic lighting, grass, facial hair, and crowds, they should be talking up its alternate-reality mode, which is apparently enabled by default. In this mode, we witness all kinds of fascinating twists on reasonable expectations for this dimension.

First, we have the psychedelic spectators and volcanic ash that frequent Miami.


Apparently the Marlins feel more at ease when the warning track is made of charcoal.


O’Neill was dared by teammates to take “blackface” to a whole new level.


And let’s not forget about those poor lepers who just can’t find work in other professional sports due to their contagiousness…and grotesque appearance.



That said, it’s still the best baseball game we’ve got.

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