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state of the braves


The Atlanta Braves have the best record in baseball, and it’s September. I had to go ahead and get that out before they fall back to earth a bit; they’re currently losing a game 7-0. But it doesn’t matter, because the loathsome Nationals are an insurmountable 15 games out of first place. The Braves are 83-52.

The Braves have managed this feat with two lineup regulars hitting below .200, and with numerous injuries to such important figures as Hudson, O’Flaherty, and Heyward. Chris Johnson, who was originally regarded as a throw-in platoon player in the trade for Justin Upton, is leading the league in batting average. Julio Teheran and Alex Wood (until today) have had outstanding rookie seasons on the mound, and Evan Gattis (until last month) has provided a much-needed infusion of raw bear power.

They’ve had two win streaks of ten or more games, but they’ve had some losing streaks in there too. Despite their brilliant 49-18 home record, they’re kept in check on the road, going only 34-34. And they still struggle against terrible pitchers, while often performing well against the more talented ones. Finally, they aren’t always fun to watch, which might be part of the reason that no one knows that a mid-market team is the best in the sport.

But here’s to you, 2013 Atlanta Braves Baseball Club: making it happen when no one expected you to do so, while spending a lot less money and letting a dunce run the show. To the World Series!

sites, themes, and screens

There are a couple of changes to be noted in regards to the site over the last couple of weeks:

  • Some may have noticed slow loading times within the last month. After some consultation with tech support, I’ve had the site moved to a new server. Load times are now much improved.
  • CGHM Nature has been revamped with a stylish new theme and a couple of new nature photos. Remember that it’s a good alternative to going outdoors in the centurial temperatures.

And now for the bad news: the right quarter of my Droid’s touchscreen is no longer responsive. The digitizer appears to be defunct, and as a result navigating the phone is a real hassle (as I knew would be the case when the winds started blowing in an all-touchscreen direction). As was the case with Inspy, a hardware failure has forced me to consider upgrading sooner than I’d anticipated.

http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/DROID-3-by-MOTOROLA-US-ENNow there are dozens of nearly-identical high-end Android devices available, and I have serious designs on getting the Droid 3, or waiting and getting a Droid Bionic. There are numerous gripes with the Droid 3, including its lack of 4G, limited RAM, too much BLUR, and less-than-stellar screen, but most of those may end up being issues with the Bionic as well (except the 4G thing). I’ve really come to appreciate the physical keyboard when using various emulators, and the Droid 3’s keyboard is top-of-the-line.

It’s a shame to have to upgrade now, with a new Nexus due later this year and quad-core devices on the horizon. But there’s always something new on the horizon.

We’ll see.

bf3: what really matters

There are some features that are considered to be of high importance by many players of the Battlefield series; for any feature, however, there are those who see it as unimportant, and that could include the developers of Battlefield 3. This post contains a summary table that will be updated with specifications and details as we determine the status of these controversial features in the upcoming BF3 game. Information is subject to change as new sources of information become available.

The chart is split into three sections: gameplay, maps and vehicles, and technical. Sources are indicated in the chart and linked at the bottom of the page.
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an uggla acquisition

(c) jed jacobsohn/getty images

There comes a time when a baseball team must admit that it stings not having anyone who can hit 30 homeruns. The Atlanta Braves haven’t had such a hitter since the 2006 season, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, they’ve only made the playoffs once in that stretch. The team will be hoping that the trade of super utility infielder (and All-Star) Omar Infante and rookie lefty reliever Mike Dunn for the Marlins’ Silver Slugger second baseman Dan Uggla can even things up a bit with the 2011 Phillies.

I must admit, when I heard the Braves’ name thrown around in rumors for Uggla, I didn’t get my hopes up. Trades in recent years for impact players have been few and far between, and the last real gutsy one (for Mark Teixeira) didn’t work out too well in the long run. Also, this trade violates Wren’s policy of getting All-Stars who are clearly past their prime, like Anderson, Lee, and Glaus. I’ve witnessed the loss of Javier Vazquez for the comical Melky Cabrera and the disposal of Rafael Soriano for the prodigiously untalented Jesse Chavez. It’s fitting I should finally see a trade where the other team got hosed.

Now, if Uggla can learn to use his glove (and I don’t see why he shouldn’t, since the Braves had the fifth worst fielding percentage in the league last season) this could all work out. The team will miss the versatility of Infante, but I’m not sure there’s a sane person on this planet who wouldn’t trade him for Uggla’s right-handed power.

cyclonic update

Inspy’s sitting unused, and my new desktop, Cyclone, has been completed for several weeks. No major issues were encountered in its assembly and it’s doing well. I have needed to order some extra, higher-quality thermal paste, as the processor temperatures have been just a bit on the high side, idling around 42 degrees and reaching 60 when thoroughly stressed (Prime95).

Here are the system’s credentials thusfar:

  • 7.3 (out of 7.9) in the Windows Experience Index
  • 16,181 in 3DMark Vantage
  • Runs Battlefield 2, Company of Heroes, Crysis, Bad Company 2, Assassin’s Creed II on “high” to “very high” settings – and that’s what really matters, right?
  • Blu-ray works (it took some effort to update the software)

I’d still like a monitor, as text isn’t as crisp on this HDTV as it could be otherwise. But the system is performing as expected, and for a desktop computer in 2010, I couldn’t ask for more. It’s been a fun project, and I”ll enjoy keeping it in top shape.

sorry, salvatore

The mustache misled me.

It’s just another case of not being able to judge a book by its cover. I believed that his throwback ’70’s appearance, coupled with his overall lack of talent, made Sal Fasano a lock for the third base/catcher spot on the SleazeSox. But I didn’t bother to take a look at the man behind the mustache, and that resulted in someone being unfairly labeled as a dirtbag.

The revelations came from this article by SI’s Jeff Pearlman. It relates how Salvatore Frank Fasano has a child with a heart condition, and the 38 year old catcher was just trying to keep a spot on a Major League roster so that he could be entitled to their health insurance plan. Without the plan, he would be unable to afford the expensive surgeries for his son. And there is this passage about Sal’s character that really blew me away:

Mostly, Fasano is known throughout baseball as one of the truly good guys — an honest, humble, friendly, blue-collar ballplayer who has never been accused of cheating and whose knowledge and decency makes him, in many minds, an obvious future manager.

As if that’s not enough to keep someone from being lumped in with the likes of newly-acquired despicable sluggers Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa, I then found this article from the same author. It’s all about how Sal refused to take steroids when everyone around him was doing it to get ahead. Fasano’s dedication to his family and his determination to doing what is right are admirable qualities that are belied by his comical visage.

So this is my apology to Mr. Fasano, and an earnest reminder that not everything can be taken at face value. Even if he’s not a perfect fit, we will be keeping Fasano on our virtual ball club as we march toward the World Series, because he deserves another victory.

searching justice


You can all feel free to make Bing your default search provider now, if you so desire. The egregious error has been corrected.

This is just a follow-up to a previous discussion of Bing‘s main shortcoming: its inability to make cghm.org the number one result in a search for “cghm.” Well, Microsoft must have read the site because cghm.org is now the number one search result (fitting for a top-level domain). And just in time to celebrate, no less.

While on the topic of our site for a final time, I temporarily regained access to the forum (don’t bother – I closed it again) and sifted through all the crap that was piled in there…thousands of posts, actually, which was more impressive now than I realized at the time. And I found this gem, the thought of which brings a tear to my harvest-loving eye:


changing faces

cghm_lightword_themeCGHM has a new look, for the first time in a long time. It’s a breath of fresh air just in time for the autumn. I never did make an entry for the last theme the site used, breaking my trend of recording screenshots of the site at different times so that the different looks could be remembered, but it doesn’t really matter. Things I prefer about this theme over the last are its color palate, placement of text for the main article, and more efficient page file sizes. Parenthetically, for what it’s worth, the “modern” version of the site is only a couple of weeks away from its four-year anniversary.

For those curious, the picture in the header was taken by me while passing through Texas before a storm. This was at the conclusion of my visit with nature and shortly preceded the fitting end. A certain someone helped me choose which image to use and the font/placement for the site’s name on the header, so I owe her some credit.

Hopefully the literature page and nature gallery will be more easily accessible. Be sure to check those out if you haven’t yet bothered.

Don’t forget that if you don’t like the site’s theme, you can just view (or subscribe to) the site’s RSS feed so you get the recent content without all of the hassle of looking at something you hate.

bf2 patch 1.5 thoughts

Well those were a few frustrating rounds. Of course I’m talking about Battlefield 2, and its new v1.50 patch that came out today.

I hate the new “prone deviation.” Perhaps it’s more realistic now – it makes your crosshairs less accurate immediately when you flop to the ground – but it breaks the way I play. It’s like needing to learn how to engage in combat all over again, and I’m too old for that nonsense. Ordinarily, if someone’s shooting at me, I want to hit the deck and use the added stability of the ground to make my shots that much more accurate. I was quick at it, and pretty good. But now…

I fall to the ground and see my bullets flying awkwardly around, no where near my intended target. So I’m now forced to either just crouch to a knee, which leaves me as a larger target, or hope that I’m already on the ground when someone walks up to me, which encourages camping. Ergo, I usually die.

As for the runway grieving fix, I only tried to force one time, with much success. I’m not sure if it’s fixed or not, but apparently it’s not perfect (go figure).

The widescreen support has a limited number of resolutions. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep playing on 1920×1280, since it’s so taxing on my system, but it’s the only one that seems to truly fit my aspect ratio.

For what it’s worth, I didn’t crash in the hour or so that I played, and there were several opportunities for me to do so. That’s always a good sign.

My experiences with the jets, anti-aircraft, and Blackhawks were limited. They don’t appear to be drastically different though.

Top it all off with the fact that my mouse sensitivity is all over the place because of the screwed up Setpoint software from Logitech and you’ve got the makings for a traditionally upsetting Battlefield experience. And that’s something we’ve all been missing.

battlefield’s new

http://blogs.battlefield.ea.com/bf2_2142/archive/2009/08/27/battlefield-2-update-v1-50-is-almost-here.aspxAfter all the time waiting and speculating, the v1.5 patch for Battlefield 2 is going to be officially released in less than a week. On Tuesday, September 1st, the patch will be made available for everyone and it includes some changes that might make the game actually worth playing again.


From the official announcement here, we see what made the final cut for the update:


    Additional support for Windows Vista
    Added Highway Tampa as a required map
    Added a new map called Operation Blue Pearl
    Added Euro Force and Armored Fury as free to play content for all Battlefield 2 players
    Added Widescreen support
    Allowed BF2.exe to use more than 2Gb RAM
    Added support for the Novint Falcon controller

Gameplay Tweaks:

    Changes made to both the J10 and F35B to make them more balanced
    AA targeting tweaked to make it more effective
    Added checks to prevent “runway grieving”
    Various changes made to prevent cheating
    Tweaked the hit detection, hits will be more accurate to the model
    Fixed occasional connection drops after being on a server a couple of minutes
    Prevented use of mouse wheel to provide speed boost to vehicles
    Prevented use of mouse wheel to exploit parachutes
    Players can now pass claymores by going prone
    Update the HUD on TV Guided missiles to increase visibility on maps like Dragon Valley
    Added Battlefield 2142 style prone deviation (going prone will now cause reduced accuracy for a brief period)

Bug Fixes:

    Fixed the issue where picking up a players kit would cause CTD
    Updated BF2OpenAL.dll from version to version
    Updated ch_gas_station collision mesh on Dragon Valley to be consistent with other gas station buildings
    Fixed the issue where MEC artillery piece on Operation Clean Sweep changes to the USMC’s control when they capture the Airfield flag
    Updated the Challenger2 HUD to show the correct icon instead of the M1A2 HUD icon
    Changed a PLA FAV to MEC FAV on Road to Jalalabad
    Tweaked the artillery respawn time on Dragon Valley for to 360 seconds as other artillery uses
    Included a delay after weapon switch for the Bizon (PP-19) to 0.666
    Updated the F35B’s lock delay to 1 second instead of 1.5 seconds to match other aircraft
    Changed the Humvee camo on Taraba Quarry to be the correct design
    Increased the splash damage of the UH-60 (Black Hawk) guns from 0.25 to 1.5
    Updated the G36E HUD to react the same as other weapons during sprint

I must say, that sounds pretty good to me (except for the thing about runway grieving). Anything that reduces the hackers and adds that much new content for free is quite impressive. Perhaps this calls for a Tards revival..?