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that sasquatch sound

The best moments in film are those that can forever be called to mind. There may be no fathomable reason for such remembrances, and some films containing such moments are wholly unworthy of persistence in mind. Whatever the case, the 2002 film “Sasquatch” accomplished this feat at least once. Amiable outdoorsman Clayton Tyne produces an unearthly sound that, if one did not know better, could have reverberated from the vocal cords of the fabled Bigfoot himself.

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Part laughter, part disgust, part hairball, and a touch of whooping cough…that’s my best explanation for it. Be sure to listen to it again.

screaming in society

It’s well known that we have double standards in our society, but sometimes they’re subtle enough to go unappreciated. Take, for instance, the different ways we view TV game-show announcers and politicians. While both are charlatans making a living solely on their personality and public speaking ability, we sometimes demonize politicians and turn a blind eye to the similar antics of their television brethren. We can recall how former presidential candidate Howard Dean’s campaign of several years ago was thoroughly derailed by a vocal gaffe (even if it should have been more quickly undone by his views on the issues), but we fail to provide the same admonition to someone who has been making a similar noise for years, and continues to do so: the prize announcer on The Price is Right. Just see for yourself:

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